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2013/2014 Competition Info


April 4 – April 6, 2014

E.L. fox Auditorium – Guelph, ON


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CONGRATS dancers & teachers on a great weekend at ADC!

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April 24 – April 27, 2014

The Americana Resort – Niagara Falls, ON


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May 8 – May 11, 2014

Sanderson Centre – Brantford, ON



May 22 – May 25, 2014

The Americana Resort – Niagara Falls, ON





  • Please be sure to read your Competitive Program Conditions of Participation
  • Entry Fees are due in December
  • Competition schedules will be distributed at least 1 week prior to the event date.
  • If you have conflicting dates, please notify the studio director ASAP.  All efforts will be made to accommodate but it is at the discretion of the competition directors.   Please note that during competition weekends, competitive classes may be cancelled.   Notices will be given out if/when there are any changes. 
  • Please note that during competition weekends, recreational classes will run as scheduled.  Instructors & assistants who are not required to be at the competitive venue during their regular teaching times will be required to be present at the studio for their regularly scheduled recreational classes.  If/when scheduling conflicts arise, substitute instructors will be called in.  Notices will be given out if/when there are any changes.

Competitive Student/Parent Responsibilities

  • Students must arrive at the competition at least 1.25 – 1.50 hour before their scheduled dance time
    • Remember to add at least 15 minutes to your travel time for finding the venue, parking, carrying things in, finding the dressing room when you get in the building and finding the rehearsal hall where your group/instructor will meet
  • Students must be dressed in complete & proper costume, hair, make-up, shoes, tights, accessories, etc. at least 20 minutes before their scheduled dance time
    • You may get ready at home by doing your hair, make-up, tights, etc.
    • DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME TO THE SITE as it may get dirty and/or ripped
  • Students must be ready to dance at least 20 minutes before their scheduled dance time as competitions may run earlier than scheduled
    • This means that you are:
      • In full costume & make-up
      • Warmed-up & ready to perform
  • Students must properly warm-up their bodies before they dance
  • Students should practice their routines, even if the competitive instructors are unable to rehearse it with them.
  • Parents are encouraged to be backstage assisting their child with their costumes changes, especially if we encounter quick-change situations.
  • Students should make every effort to support IVDA and all of its competitive dancers by encouragement, cheering, clapping, helping others, etc.
  • Students should make every effort to remain at the competition for their awards ceremony, including the overall ceremonies.


  • No nail or toe polish
  • No jewellery (except competitive costume jewellery)
  • Bringing your own food & drinks will save lots of time and money
  • Snacks are great for dancers when they need a boost between dances
  • Never eat in your costume
  • Always check to make sure you have all your costume pieces, including shoes, tights, hair accessories or hats, props, etc.
  • Always cover up your costume, especially when you are in the auditorium
  • Remember that Miss Irene’s dance bag contains most of the items in the list including a first aid kit, ice packs, extra jewellery, accessories & tights.  This dance bag will be kept in the changeroom with our competitive team.  Should you need anything from the bag, please let either Miss Irene or any other staff member know & we’ll help you out!
  • Click on the link below for the complete 'competition hints' document