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2016/2017 SEASON

Date, Time & Location


·         Dates have been CONFIRMED as follows:

o    Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at the Meadowvale Theatre Mississauga beginning at 5:15pm


·         Dress Rehearsal Info Packages will be emailed closer to the date

·         In order for us to get out as early as possible, we do not schedule breaks 

o    Dancers are to pack adequate amounts of food, snacks, beverages, etc. to last them throughout the day.

·         Click HERE for Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Dancer/Parent Info

Attendance of the rehearsal is mandatory to participate in the year-end recital

·         All recreational & competitive routines will rehearse their routines at our dress rehearsal:

o    You MUST be at the theatre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled rehearsal time in order to get dressed, warmed-up, etc.

o    Recreational routines:

§  Will rehearse in full costume, make-up, hair, tights & accessories. 

o    Competitive routines:

§  Will not need to rehearse in full costume/make-up etc. 

§  Comp. dancers can wear regular dance clothes but will need their proper shoes for the rehearsal.

o    Be sure to have all the necessary accessories that belong with your costume such as hairpieces, tights, shoes, etc.  Refer to the costume/hair/make-up/accessories/tights list you received in your picture day info package.  If you have misplaced this list, please get a new one at the studio office.

o    Please DO NOT wear your costume to the theatre, as it may get dirty and/or damaged. 

o    You can have your hair done, your make-up on, your tights on under your clothes & then change into your costume at the theatre’s dressing rooms. 

o    Please DO NOT wear jewellery, nail/toe polish for dress rehearsal.

o    Dressing rooms will be assigned & posted.

·         Rehearsal times given are approximate:

o    If we are ahead of schedule, we will continue with the next section – not waiting until its scheduled time block so it is important that you are at the theatre at least 30 minutes before your rehearsal time. 

§  If there are latecomers, we will try to accommodate if time permits.

§  If  we end the day early, the parents will be contacted in advance where possible

o    If we are behind schedule, we will do our best to get back on track, but we cannot make any promises.

·         The dress rehearsal will be closed to audience members:

o    No parents, dancers, or audience members will be allowed in the theatre. 

o    Parents are permitted in the dressing rooms to assist their child but will not be permitted in the backstage area.

o    Dancers are permitted in the dressing rooms & backstage areas.

o    Multiple IVDA staff members will be present all day to watch the dancers

Recital Info

·         For Recital info, please click on Recital Info