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About the Instructor Training Program

  • At IVDA, we believe in giving potential choreographers/instructors a secure environment in which they can develop their own personal styles and become a certified dance instructor.
  • We are fully qualified to train dancers to become accredited acro, ballet, jazz, and tap instructors.
  • Eligible students may begin their training as assistant instructors at the age of 12.

Assistant Instructors

         Being an assistant instructor is a privilege. It gives students a real outlook on what it means to be a teacher, it helps them grow as a dancer, and it is the stepping-stone to their professional training.

         To be considered for assisting, a student must be at least 11 years old, and be in the competitive program at least 1 year & taking the disciplines they are to assist (e.g. to assist an acro class, the student must be in competitive acro).

         Assistant instructors have a responsibility to be:

o    Positive

o    Enthusiastic

o    Hardworking

o    Punctual

o    Appropriately dressed

o    Involved in class

o    Encouraging

Stage, Acro, Jazz, Tap Instructor Training & Certification

         Teaching Examinations for Stage (Tap & Jazz), Acro, Jazz and Tap are completed through the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD)

         Students are eligible to become an Associate Member of at the age of 16.

         Training may begin once a student reaches the age of 15.

  • Please contact the studio to book your meeting with the studio director to discuss instructor training & certification options

Ballet Instructor Training

         Examinations for RAD Teaching Certificate are completed through the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies Programme.

         In order to be eligible to apply for the CBTS, applicants should be at least 18 years of age by the start of the program and hold the RAD Intermediate, or equivalent ballet qualification.

         Applicants are also encouraged to maintain or re-establish Membership.

         Only Full members with Registered Teacher status may enter candidates for examinations.

         Please speak to the ballet instructor and check out the RAD website at for more information.