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2016/2017 Season



         Dates are CONFIRMED scheduled as follows & will be confirmed by December:

o    Recreational Team:Friday, June 9, 2017 beginning at 5:15pm at IVDA

o    Competitive Team:Sunday, June 18, 2017 beginning at 10:00am at IVDA


         A professional photographer will take pictures of all our routines

         IVDA will have 2 picture days: 1 for the competitive team & 1 for the recreational team

         Picture days are usually in May or June.Dates will be confirmed before the winter holidays


         Picture Day Info Packages will be distributed closer to the date

         In the schedule, we allot more time than may actually be necessary for each routine.  We hope that by sticking to the schedule, we may actually finish ahead of time.

         In order for us to get out as early as possible, we do not schedule a lunch break.  Please be sure to pack a lunch for that day.

         Click HERE for Picture Day Schedule


  • Our photographer this season is James Scobbie of Raintree Photography:
  • Order forms are enclosed with your info package available at the studio office

Dancer/Parent Info

         Each recreational & competitive routine (group, trio, duet, solo) will have their picture professionally taken in full costume, hair & make-up.  Each student within each routine will also take an individual photo.

         You must be at the studio at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time in order to finish getting ready & to meet with your class.  Please be on time as we will not be able to hold up the photo shoot.

         Please DO NOT wear your costume to the studio as it may get damaged and/or dirty.  You can have your hair done, your make-up on, and your tights on under your clothes when coming to the studio.  Be sure to have all the necessary accessories that belong with your costume such as tights, shoes, hairpieces, etc.

         Please DO NOT wear any jewellery, nail polish, toe polish to picture day.

Photo Orders Pick-Up


         RECREATIONAL photo packages can be picked-up at IVDA on Wednesday, June 21st at 6pm-8pm

         COMPETITIVE, STAFF, ALUMNI photo packages can be picked-up at IVDA on Wednesday, June 28th at 6pm-8pm

Recital DVD Orders Pick-Up


         We have a professional Videographer who will be recording our shows.  A DVD order form was included in your Picture Day Info Package.

         DVDís of each recital show can be purchased through the photographer.

         RECITAL DVDís can be picked-up at IVDA on Wednesday, June 28th at 6pm-8pm