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2016/2017 SEASON

Dates, Times & Location


·         2 Shows at the Meadowvale Theatre Mississauga:

o    Show #1:  Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:30pm

o    Show #2:  Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 6:30pm

·         CONFIRMED


·         Recital Info Packages will be emailed closer to the date

·         Click HERE for Recital Schedule

Ticket Info

·         Tickets will go on sale in May

·         Tickets can be purchase through Meadowvale Theatre box office in person, by phone, or online:

o    Box Office (hours are Mondays to Saturdays 12:00pm – 3:00pm AND 1-hour before show time): 

§  Phone #: 905-615-4720 ext : 2588

§  In Person: 6315 Montevideo Road, Mississauga

o    Online:

Recital DVD Orders

·         We have a professional Videographer who will be recording our shows.  A DVD order form was included in your Picture Day Info Package.

·         DVD’s of each recital show can be purchased through the photographer. 

·         Recital DVD’s can be picked-up at IVDA on in July.  Dates to be confirmed

·         See Picture Day/Recital DVD Info for details

Dancer/Parent Info

All recreational & competitive routines will perform at our annual year-end recital.  The majority of dancers perform in both shows.  Each routine is performed only once.

·         Arrival at the theatre:

o    All students MUST be at the theatre 1 hour before the show each show night to get ready, warm-up, etc.

o    Please DO NOT wear your costume to the theatre, as it may get dirty and/or damaged. 

o    You can have your hair done, your make-up on, your tights on under your clothes & then change into your costume at the theatre’s dressing rooms. 

·         Getting ready:

o    Be sure to have all the necessary accessories that belong with your costume such as hairpieces, tights, shoes, etc. 

o    Please DO NOT wear jewellery, nail/toe polish for recital.

o    Dressing rooms will be assigned & posted.

o    Please see the costume/accessory document for a list of requirements by routine

o    Parents are permitted in the dressing rooms to assist their child but will not be permitted in the backstage area.

o    There will be instructors & assistants during each show that will be looking after our dancers.

·         Watching the show:

o    Each show is approximately 2.50-3.00 hours in length, including the 20 minute intermission.

o    All audience patrons (including dancers who may watch the show) must purchase a ticket.

o    Dancers may watch the show after they have danced all their routines provided that they have a ticket

§  If a dancer performs in the 1st act only, they may watch the 2nd act. 

§  If a dancer performs in the 2nd act only, they may watch the 1st act but must be backstage before the awards presentation.

o    Dancers are not permitted to enter the auditorium in their costume.

·         Photography & Videography:

o    Audience members are prohibited to take pictures and/or videos of our recitals.

o    Pictures can be taken during the awards presentation only.

·         Awards presentation:

o    There will be an awards presentation following the final routine in the 1st act (just before intermission) for each show.

o    For the awards presentation, all dancers will be on stage behind the main curtain. As dancers receive an award, they will come to the front of the stage to accept their award.

o    All dancers are to be backstage before the final routine in the 1st act.  Dancers are to line up in the hallway on stage right.

o    Dancers will receive an award either show, depending on when they perform.

Dress Rehearsal Info

·         For Dress Rehearsal info, please click on Dress Rehearsal Info